Hercules Trophy
Hercules Trophy


1 Day - 12 Challenges - Teams of 7 - No athletic skills required

Everyone at the office wants to participate in the Hercules Trophy! It's a unique combination of sport, fun, networking and party. Experience a one-of-a-kind day with your colleagues and get to know them in a completely different manner and setting. Boost their productivity while creating ever-lasting memories at the same time. If you're looking to strengthen the bonds with your colleagues: look no further. You've already found the ideal way to stimulate cameraderie! Have a look at the videos below to find out more.



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Hercules Trophy offers a unique experience that:  

  • Rewards people to retain and attract them
  • Enhances teamwork to increase productivity
  • Grows your network to grow your business
  • Shows your employer brand

Literally hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world have already participated and felt the incredible Herculean vibe. Are you next? 


Interested in participating? Looking for more information? Curious as to what the Hercules Trophy is and what it's all about? Select your event below to find more information about it:

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"What a splendid event! An extremely power packed experience. The Daman Hercules Trophy labour challenge from Abu Dhabi Finance educated the teams to determine their mortgage eligibility for purchasing a property in UAE which gave them a wellinformed outlook. Our participating team had an enjoyable time completing all the challenges with vigour, and we look forward to our continued participation Daman Hercules Trophy UAE.” - Abu Dhabi Finance  

12 exceptional labours and the gender diversity is terrific! Lovely group atmosphere, great people and fantastic activities... It’s been a truly awesome day and we’ve got to know a ton of new, fun & spontaneous people!” - Solvay Business School

We have a long tradition of organising all sorts of great events for our customers and employees. When I compare the cost of those events with Hercules Trophy, you get a lot of value for a low cost.We have booked several teams for the 2017 edition and will have our Family Day there too!" - BMW

“This is the fourth year we’ve participated and we’re definitely coming back next year! The Hercules Trophy in three words, that is fun, team spirit and being together.” - LC Packaging

“We came here as strangers, none of us knew each other even though we work in a big company, and as soon as we came here, we had to do all these challenges, as a team, and this kind of helped us be friends. This is a great thing, because everything kind of moves you, you know, you have to work as a team to get through the whole challenge. So that’s like the main thing, for me at least, the team is working together even though they don’t know each other. We just come here to work as a team.” - UASC 

"After the successful first edition in Antwerp last year, some of our colleagues were very enthusiastic to subscribe OM Partners for this second edition. About 15 of our colleagues survived the challenges and had the time of their lives. Next year we will definitely join again with more participants!” - OM Partners


The pricing depends on the event you wish to attend. Select your event below to visit the event page and from there on you can discover the prices for the different packages we offer.

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