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Easy platform to drive engagement in your organisation

Drive engagement in your organisation through:


All your events in one place with easy registrations and communication.


Launching all sorts of challenges that allows people and teams to earn points.


Use our inspirational content about engagement and add your own stories.


Personal & organisational showing KPI progress. GDPR compliant.


Streamline employer branding by allowing people to order your branded goods.


Organise regular personalised surveys to track eNPS or other goals to be measured.


Let people create or edit their personal profiles and join teams to reach goals together.


Create picture albums for people to upload and share their experiences and stories.

Simple. Engaging. Measurable.

Group all activities that drive engagement in one platform with your DNA and goals. Cloud solution that is easy to set up, configure and roll out.

Platform mobile
Platform laptop

Engage. From crowd to fans.

Transform your organisation to achieve breakthrough results with an engaged community. 

The Herculean Platform engages, incentivises and aligns. Is your organisation ready for the next step?